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At last!  Purchase The Park Avenue Prowl  at Pine River Books, LLC, 104 Park Avenue, Charlevoix, and at all CCHPS events.  All proceeds help us to “preserve the past for the future.”



Purchase keepsake postcards featuring photographs from the exhibit at the Harsha House Museum and at all CCHPS events.  The address side of each postcard includes a caption that explains the historic picture on the front.

Our signature image, left, can be purchased as a postcard for $1.

A set of six postcards, each featuring a striking photograph from the exhibit, can be purchased for $5.

Proceeds from the sale of postcards will be used to publish the Undine book in 2012.

See pictures from the June 24 exhibit opening HERE. 

The 140-year-old home of Lennie Beers Ingalls Campbell was burned to the ground on the morning of March 24, 2010.  The fourth-oldest structure in Charlevoix, located along the pioneer “Main Street,” now Park Avenue, will become a parking lot.  The picture to the left shows the fire crew and the crew filming “Frontier Boys” during one of the takes of the Molotov Cocktail scene.  Filming went on most of the night, and culminated in the 5:30 am burn-down, which was so hot it melted some of the siding on a nearby garage. CCHPS was able to salvage many items from the house prior to the burn and between scenes, and will offer them to Michigan historical societies so that they can be used in preservation projects and museum displays.

Watch the scene on YouTube by clicking HERE and HERE.

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