On August 23, 2010 local historian Bob Morgridge presented Zachariah & Mary Morgan: A Story of Two African American Pioneers in Charlevoix County.

He told us how Zachariah and Mary Morgan came to Charlevoix County in 1870 to assist Zachariah’s sister, Louisa Swan, whose husband had been murdered.  Louisa lived in Undine, a village about three miles north of Horton Bay. In 1871, the Morgans came to Boyne City and built a homestead near the corner of Boyne Avenue and Division Street. Around 1879, Zachariah became one of Boyne’s first businessmen. In a partnership with John Nicholls of Charlevoix they established the Village of South Boyne and the Nicholls and Morgan Brickyard.  Zach Morgan died in 1894, but Mary lived to be 106 years old. When she reached 100 years of age, her birthday became an annual community celebration until she passed away on March 9, 1951. Born during John Tyler’s presidency and dying when Harry S. Truman was president, Mary Morgan lived under 22 Presidents. She was 19 when Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. She lived through five wars: The Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War One and Two.

As an added bonus to this evening, board member Patrick McCleary completed a short publication, “Further Readings… Pertaining to The Morgan Family” and a limited number of copies were distributed for free to those who made a donation to CCHPS of $10.00 or more on the night of the program.