Many cultures have called northern Michigan home.  Native Americans settled this area nearly 10,000 years ago.  Even before the Anishinabe called this land theirs, others traveled through and lived here.  Their long-forgotten history is found in stories and in the land they shaped to their needs.  Their handiwork is part of our modern world and Charlevoix County. 
Petoskey native Frank Stead, whose family arrived in northern Michigan in the 1850s, will talk about the people who lived here before the Europeans.  Frank spent twenty years in public education, including teaching classes in 19th century geography and geology at NCMC; and twenty years in the pharmacy business.  He has a master’s degree from CMU.
Frank’s talk will be given at the historic Greensky Indian Mission United Methodist Church’s Susan Hall at 7:00 pm.

Directions to the Greensky Indian Mission Church, 08484 Greensky Hill Rd.:
From US-31 just north of Charlevoix, turn East on Boyne City Road, CR-C56
Turn left onto Old 31 Road North
Turn right onto Greensky Hill Rd (portions unpaved)
Follow the signs to the church and Susan Hall.  Total distance from US-31 is less than 2.5 miles.

map to Greensky