Is it possible?  We have been enjoying Raven Hill Discovery Center for 20 years?  The third event in our 2011 History Speaker Series celebrated the 20th birthday of this community treasure.

Raven Hill Discovery Center is the only place in northern Lower Michigan where children and adults link science, history, and the arts with hands-on activities and explorations both indoors and outdoors.

This event allowed long-time fans and supporters, as well as people who hadn’t yet visited Raven Hill Discovery Center to learn how the Center provides opportunities for all ages to learn, create, grow and play.  They joined Raven Hill founders, Tim & Cheri Leach, for an evening of sharing what has transpired over the past two decades and what lies ahead for this unique center of learning.

Attendees saw the Main Museum, as well as the completely furnished One Room Schoolhouse, Print Shop, Energy House, Earth Tones Music Garden, Beyond Jurassic Park, Ancient World, Taxonomic Trail, Stone Labyrinth, and other outdoor exhibits that build connections between science, history and art for visitors.

Cheri and Tim took us on a guided tour of the grounds prior to presenting the program, which was held in the new Warren Loranger Great Room of the main building.

Tim and Cheri Leach, co-founders of Raven Hill Discovery Center, both graduated from Albion College and have spent their lives learning and sharing their knowledge with others.  As teachers for over 40 years each, they work as mentors to both youngsters, adults and teachers, who are interested in science, history and art and their connections to all other aspects of our lives.

We were happy to have the chance to attend this special event to say “Happy Birthday, Raven Hill” on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 7 PM. Raven Hill Discovery Center.  It is located at 4737 Fuller Road, between East Jordan & Boyne City, just off C-48 at Pearsall Road and within Mile 15 of the Breezeway.

For more information about Raven Hill, contact Cheri at 231-536-3369.