Seamus Norgaard

Join the Charlevoix County History Preservation Society on Monday, October 24th, at 7:00 PM in the Boyne District Library Community Room for a historic and evolutionary sketch of one the Great Lakes’ island’s nature-based means of survival.   Featuring clips from first-person video interviews conducted for the Beaver Island Historical Society, this presentation will offer moving personal accounts of both the pride and rigors of fishing and logging for a living. Expect to hear some inspiring stories and gain personal insights into some of Beaver Island’s historic nature-based means of sustenance.

Nets drying in the middle of St. James

Presenter Seamus Norgaard, a history and environment professor and interviewer for the Beaver Island Historical Society, will offer an environmental perspective of how Beaver Island is transitioning from a past dependence on resource extraction, toward a future based on the technologies of information, research, history, and environmental appreciation.