Good news!!  Thanks to fourteen volunteers, our first “box” of clippings, four years and more than 50,000 words worth of backlog, has been transcribed in just 8 days in April (and a few in March)!!  And another 28,000 words in one long document in March.

On April 30 we posted round 2 — the last of the clippings and articles in our Undine “backlog file” — and as of May 2, they’ve all been transcribed — more than 30,000 words worth.

Round 3?  We posted a new bunch on the evening of May 15, and before noon on May 17 they were finished.  More than 11,000 words.  So that takes us to more than 100,000 words in less than two months, with 20 different volunteers.

We’re between batches right now, but if you would like to find out what’s happening, read on!

Stories are waiting to be discovered and told.  Putting one together is a matter of reaching out and gathering information from all over the world, digging through old newspapers at local libraries, talking to hundreds of people, examining letters and diaries and old family photos, photographing and organizing.  One step in that process is transcription — squinting at that old newspaper article or document and figuring out what it says, then typing it into a database so it can be used later.  We have stacks of documents waiting to be transcribed.  Could you help us with this important work?

Here’s how it works:


  1. Download an image to your computer or just view it – any of the images in the Picasa album above.  Click on an image to enlarge it.
  2. Type the contents of the image into an email (don’t attach a file), and send it back to us at
  3. Put the file name of the image in the subject line of the email.  They are all jpegs, so don’t bother with the extension.   You can find the file name in the right sidebar in Picasa after you click to enlarge the image.
  4. Below the transcribed material, type two things — your name (if you want us to track your donated time) and how long it took you to do this.
  5. As soon as someone returns a transcription, we’ll remove the image from the album.
  6. If you gave us your name, we will send out a monthly letter stating how many minutes you donated to CCHPS.
  7. You can see your results at the bottom of this page – the next day.

Thank you!!  You have helped us build our database of historical information.  You’ve contributed to a year-long exhibit opening June 24, 2011 in the Harsha House Museum in Charlevoix.  And you have contributed to the book Undine: A Settlement Remembered, which will be published in 2012.

Transcribing old columns is difficult — sometimes the images are degraded and hard to read.  We don’t expect perfection, but we hope you’ll make your best effort!

Words transcribed in May as of May 17