We encourage interested members to join one or more of the following committees by contacting any member of the Board of Directors or by leaving a comment below. 

Standing Committees — take care of the “business” of CCHPS

Audit — this important committee is responsible for reviewing the books and records for the organization each year, to ensure that we are managing the organization’s funds in an appropriate way.  Ordinarily, this committee is convened in August, after the financial reports for the fiscal year are completed, and its work is completed in a week or so. 

Bylaws — this committee reviews the bylaws annually or as needed and determines whether they need to be amended to respond to changes in the organization or state laws.  It then proposes amendments to the board of directors.  

Finance — have a knack for numbers?  Want to help with the record-keeping side of things, producing financial reports and tax returns, tracking assets?  Our treasurer could use your help.  

Nominating — would you like to help us recruit qualified people for the board of directors?  Know someone who would do a fabulous job?  Be part of the group that puts a diverse set of nominees before the members in June (in 2009) or July (from now on).

Special Committees — take care of the “mission” of CCHPS

Acquisitions – help us preserve the history of our county by tracking down documents, records, pictures, and other artifacts.  Pull boxes of records out of attics, barns, and basements.  Talk to your neighbors and to long-time residents of the community.  Follow leads.  Then help us catalog, digitize (where appropriate), photograph, and store the artifacts you find. 

Fundraising – help us raise funds to support our many programs.  If you’re a whiz at motivating people and organizations to give, or have a great idea for a fundraising activity, or if you would like to work on writing grant proposals and talking to foundations, join this committee.

Program — especially interested in the monthly programs we put on?  Have ideas for programs around the county?  Comfortable calling folks in your area who may be interested in telling us their stories about the past?  Join the Program Committee.

Publishing – like writing or graphics?  Have a knack for or an interest in working on the newsletter or our other publications?  Interested in working on the website?  We can use your help.

Research – Interested in joining one of our research projects?  Have something you would like to research with some help from other members?  Join the Research Committee.