Recently we heard that Shauna Carey of & the Extraordinairies talked about our transcription project at the annual meeting of the Society of California Archivists in San Jose on April 29.  It is one of the examples of technological innovation for archivists discussed by a panel that also includes Mano Marks of Google and Kristine Hanna of Internet Archive.

Here’s what we did: in March and April we posted a micro-volunteering opportunity here and on several volunteer websites.  We asked people to  TRANSCRIBE NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS for the Lennie’s Monument and Undine projects.  The response was terrific, and we worked our way through half of our Undine backlog.

On April 30 we posted the last of the Undine clippings in the “backlog file”, thinking there would be more work to do — well, it’s May 2, and they’re all finished.  Nearly 29,000 words worth.  To the people who jumped in and finished it so quickly:  Our heads are spinning.  You are the best!

Click the link above to see more about how this works, if you’re interested in helping us transcribe our new round of clippings, posted on May 15.