Since the City broke ground in November, it has made significant progress on the 1910 Water Works building.

Here is the building from behind.  As you can see, it is draped in plastic to protect it from winter weather as work continues.  Planned completion date is May 18, 2011.  A number of items, including flooring, were salvaged from the building.

Mike Cain, Boyne City Manager, pointing to the vault in the center of the floor.  The vault will eventually house a time capsule.  Its cover will be flush with the floor and have a Boyne City logo.  Cain is looking for ideas — what kinds of items do you think should be in the time capsule?

Here is Mr. Cain again, pointing to repaired brickwork inside the building.

CCHPS President Georganna Monk and member Susan Vrondran are working with Michele Hewitt, Boyne City Deputy Treasurer and member of the Historical Commission, to research the history of the building and the town’s water and sewer system.  CCHPS will provide a display of historical materials for visitors to enjoy.

The original 2″ thick wood flooring is being re-laid inside the building with radiant heat below.  The remainder of the wood may be used for a bench or chair, possibly built by a local woodcarver or artist, for the area beside the history display.  The display itself may  contain items salvaged from the building, including valves and fixtures.  The committee is also considering having local artists paint a timeline near the ceiling, and incorporating recorded oral histories.

To read more about the 1910 Building project, click HERE.

If you have photographs, old newspaper clippings, or other materials you think might be helpful to the committee — including stories to tell — please call Georganna at 231-582-5326.